Connecting Donors and 501c3's


Considering a Grant?

To succeed as a non profit organization, many skills are required, including the obvious need to raise money to finance your projects. Many non profit organizations rely heavily on external funding from grants to maintain their operations. Writing grants is a skill and requires practice, but hiring a good grant writer, or becoming a good grant writer can have a massive impact on the funding of your organization for years. If you currently have a need for assistance in writing a grant proposal or sourcing grants then please email us and we will be happy to help you.

Financing With GrantsĀ 

For any non profit organization it is important either to invest in the hiring of an expert or training of an individual to manage all grant applications for non-profit projects. Every good grant application begins with a detailed search of the availability of grants for your non-profit organizations sector. Some funding sources seek to support new non-profit organizations starting to become operational, while others want to help organizations located in specific geographic areas. Some grants will fund a project within a certain time frame, but it is also possible to find grants to fund your organization’s regular budget. Some may fund campaigns for capital goals, and some may require a matching fund. Careful research should result in at potential opportunities for your organization to submit well written grant proposals.

You also have the added benefit of improving the management of your organization from the application writing process. Funding sources for businesses and foundations want to fund non profits they believe can and will be successful. Your grant proposal must express that you are able to spend the grant as you have described and that it meets their grant specifications, it should express your plans for delivery, the budget you will work with and explain specifics about your project.

Writing non profit grants also allows your organization to plan for long term goals. Several grant applications each year request your non profit detail your long-term goals of your organization in general or specifically for your project. The grant writing delivery process, helps your team to talk about and align goals to develop more focus which is needed for success. The grant application process requires stamina. It may require months of writing and feedback, and you may need to review, amend and reapply before receiving the funding for your project.

Sharing your goal

The non profit grant writing process allows other businesses and individuals to be involved in your organization’s cause. Grant applications give you a great opportunity to tell the stories of your organization and your project, so that potential donors, beneficiaries and other stakeholders can understand the importance of this idea and cultivate the desire to contribute. Grant writing can also lead to good new ideas for social media and blog posts which will help raise awareness and helps your website.

If you currently have a need for assistance in writing a grant proposal or sourcing grants then please email us and we will be happy to help you.