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Use our fixed price online auctions to raise extra funds! These are great for your online or after gala event follow ups. They allow you to raise money and give you lots of content for your social media streams. You can include both your own items and select from our fantastic catalogue of consignment auction items including memorabilia, artwork, experiences and holidays.
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Mega Two Week Auction

  • 14 days - start when you like
  • Add your own lots & photos
  • Add our consignment lots at no cost to list
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Double Weekender

  • 9 days - Sat to 2nd Sunday
  • Add your own items and photos
  • Add our consignement prizes at no cost to list
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Online Auctions - Top Tips

One of the best ways to raise money is through online charity auctions which will help fulfill the needs of your cause and hope you will have some fun. The planning of an online auction can require a considerable amount of time and efforts from the whole staff just like the planning of any other special event. Our online auction simplifies matters with us supplying prizes. This can save over 100 hours in preparation.

Something else you don’t require is technical expertise. Over the last 10 years several online portals have been established where you can find help with managing your online auction including ours that you can purchase on our website here. Here is how an Online Auctions works.

How Online Auctions Work?

Online auctions are just like the real auctions with only a single difference that all things happen through the websites. In contrast to real auctions, there is no need to travel to galleries and showrooms to see things for auctions, online auctions offer the potential bidders to see photos, details, and cost of all the items displayed for auction on the web pages.  

Mostly the online auctions utilize a method of bidding known as proxy bidding, which works approximately the same as the auction technique were your reliable and trustworthy representative at the live auction. 

Any contributor who wants to participate in the online auction registers online and enters the amount which he wants to pay for the specific lot straight into the auction website. The system of online auction website bidding allows the bidder to be notified if they have been outbid, then they can enhancing the price by small increases to get the item, and maximize the amount raised for the non-profit.  

Non-profit Specific Features of online auctions

Although all the online auctions feature the same characteristic of displaying items and accepting bidding, yet some online actions offer special tools that are specifically equipped for non-profit needs.

The nonprofit specific features of the online auction include features that will help you to highlight the missions and objectives of your organization, allowing you to send emails to your contributors to let them know about auctions, details about the items offered in the store and help you sell sponsorships and many more. 

Some of the non-profits structure their online auction in such a way to promote the fundraising opportunities and auction off various products each day or each month. Others make it specific for online auctions happening every week or two with wide-ranging marketing and outreach.

Good auctions need good preparation and tools

The successful online auction needs good planning, research, outreach via social media and time from the staff members. To have a successful auction just like any other fundraising campaign you need to have a planned program of contacts to your online following.

First, consider how you would like your auction to be. Do you need to plan how big your auction will be? Will you increase the number of items with time or it will be a limited time event? How does an online auction align with your other fundraising approaches? And other questions like that to ensure your complete planning.

Get items for the auction. An effective online auction needs a remarkable amount of compelling items and services. Most of the online auction organizations consider asking contributors and friendly businesses for selecting items and services. You can also ask from donations of experiences. The easiest way is to use our consignment items that you only pay for if they sell.

Next, you need to reach out to the people whom you want to contribute. Marketing is an integral part of the online auction. Email no doubt is the great way to let people know about your auction firstly and but use social media everyday to remind followers to come and bid on your website.

You need to be ready for any questions from the bidders. If you have placed products on the auction, remember that you need to deliver them and look for time and money for doing so. Don’t undervalue the time required for the whole process. The whole process requires a lot of time from the staff members. Also put some extra time into creating the description of items, capture high quality photos, help contributors and upload information about auction items. It is best to share these tasks around volunteers. With the service from FundC3 and Fundraising Auctions we manage this whole process saving you many hours work before in sourcing prizes and setting up the auction and handling the winning bidders orders after the auction.

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