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FundC3 provide consultation to Non-Profits to develop and overcome internal challenges, plan marketing strategies to improve their interaction online from their website and social media. We also provide a range of fundraising ideas and support plans to help your non-profit raise important funds to reach your goals.

Maximizing your online success with SEO, PPC, SEM and lots more acronyms - we know them all!

SEO is important for any profit or non-profit business to bring more organic traffic to your website, potential new customers to your product, donors to your cause & events and potential beneficiaries to the awareness of how you can help. Our professional SEO services will help rank your business higher on the search engines.  

Using our SEO services, help your business attain higher ranks, improved revenue, and constant flow of new readers. It always takes time to improve your ranking on Google, jumping straight to page 1 can only happen straight away if you are operating in a very niche market because everyone is aiming to do the same things. The objective is to look at where you are and then set realistic improvements.

SEO is like being in a race every day. We train your website to move through the pack and learn from those that finish in front each day their tactics for success in your sector. The next days race you have a better chance of reaching the podium.

How SEO can help your business?

SEO is a crucial part of online marketing. Our SEO services will benefit your company using the best combination of off-site and on-site SEO approaches and plans to produce the best results.

Out of the every day billions of searches processing on Google almost all of the people search only on the first page of the search engine, never looking further than the first page.

Do you really know on which page of the search engine, is your company ranking right now and why that is your ranking?

If your company is not ranking in the top results of the search engine, it is pretty invisible to most general searchers.  

Together we use many tools to increase the factors that lead to a trusted and therefore higher rank for your website on the top results of search engines above your competitors. We also look at other search engines alongside Google as whilst they are the main engine they are not the only engine.

Our SEO services include:

Link Building – the most overlooked, maybe the hardest, but the most important factor

Link building is an important part of search engine optimization but most of the time it is ignored. Link building is often overlooked and not given the efforts and time what it deserves. It should be given the proper level of expertise and time to rank your company and increase sales. In today’s world, link building includes content marketing, PR and outreach to get more and more people talking about your company. Links from high quality and well-known websites can drive highly appropriate traffic to your company’s website and build high rankings in google.

In reality link building takes efforts as you need to have content that is valued by other internet sites. That means putting effort into writing good content but we can help you with content that is written to target your preferred customers using the keywords they use to buy the service or event you are selling, or, for donors we look for the key touchstones that donors seek in their decision making process. With donors sometimes you need to actually write content aimed at a particular donor just like you would with a client.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most import constituent of effective search engine optimization. The main strength of any marketing promotion plan is attractive and convincing content. Our team of creative writers, designers and developers will help your company to rank top on a search engine using high-quality publications, posts, and blogs. Let your website attract, attain and engage your potential customers and target audience through creating and distributing compelling and relevant content in the form f blog posts, e-books, newsletters, landing pages and even more. Our professional and expert writers will help grow your website and company online and establish your brand. 

Keyword & Market Research

The basic of right search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is the proper keyword and market research. It is important to find an effective keyword for proper SEO. Accurate and suitable keyword and market research provides us genuine projections and predict the opportunities within the marketplace. Our services will do solid keyword research relevant to your company to rank your website on search engine.

Onsite SEO

Our professional services will provide comprehensive on-site SEO for your company. We evaluate and check the structure of your website, its internal construction design and all other key features that are important in the search engine algorithm to provide commendations for enhanced relevancy and configuration in pursuing your keywords.  We provide thorough on-site SEO services form all aspects of SEO from site migrations to representation and many more.

Competitive Analysis

It is obvious that you are not only one working on a specific business. There are too many companies in competition for the same keyword. For the assistance of your company, we will investigate and evaluate the strength and weaknesses of your competitors. Knowing what your competitors are doing, you will be able to find new opportunities for constant growth of your business online. We also provide a custom made recommendation for your company to improve online presence and performance

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to improve your business online. It is surprising to know that on every $1 spent on email marketing campaigns $44 is earned in return. Our professional services will help your business reach and stay on top of the mind of your existing customers by distributing newsletters through email.

With our professional and expert SEO services it will be easier to be found, noticed, recognized, trusted, shared and generate high-quality leads and sales

People are searching search engines for a website like yours at all the time. You don’t they will find your or your other strong competitors. Using SEO services, you will be able to generate high organic traffic on your website, leads and increased number of sales. Your company’s website should rank on number one on search engine results.

If you believe we can help then please contact us today.

Keywords - What do people you want to reach search for?

I will start off by saying that these are all things you can do but we do this all the time so if you want our help just email us and we will explain how we can help you.
Are you investing proper money, time and efforts in adjusting and improving your website on search engines? Are all of your efforts going flat? If search engine optimization (SEO) is the essential and effective way of marketing your business then what and where is the issue? The problems usually lies in the wrong choice of keywords and not updating your content. You need to do highly relevant and effective keyword research. Then you need to repeat this. I speak to a lot of people who tell me they built the website and did the keyword research. When I asked who reviewed the keywords and updated their website with the new keywords each month, they look at me blankly. No one told them it was a regular job. In the same way the news coverage changes what people search for each day’s hot topic the phrases people search for in your sector will and do change – the money phrase will change. If Google is crawling the web with algorithms every day you can’t use the same keywords and content for years and expect success.

The key element of any effective online marketing movement is the widespread keyword research with successful implementation of keyword scheme. Now the question is how to do good keyword research? Here we will guide you on how to do relevant and effective keyword research through step by step guidelines:

1.    Create a list of main and relevant topics depending on your business

To start the process of keyword research, first of all, make a list of all the relevant topics that you think you want to rank in terms of standard scores. Find the list of top 5 to 10 topics related to your business. Later in the process, you will use this list of topics to search specific keywords for your business.

2.    Think about seed keywords

Seed keywords are the basics of strong and solid keyword research. Seed keywords will describe and express your niche and help you recognize your competitors. In case you already own a business or choose a product that you are willing to advertise on the search engine, you need to search for seed keywords. It is very simple like defining your business or product with your own words or thinking how and with what keywords, the other people will search your product.

3.    Find keyword ideas

At this point, you have a list of topics to focus on while the search for relevant keywords. Now its time to categorize keywords that relate to your topics on the list. The keywords you identify are most important for ranking your website on the top of search engine results pages. The use of the right keyword will enable a lot of people to land on your website because they are probably searching for the same keyword that you have chosen. 

Off course these are not your final keywords, you are just noting all the potential keywords that the customers might use to search for your product or service. Later in the process, you will narrow down the list of keyword phrases so that you don’t have a too wide list of keywords that don’t worth. 

4.    Look for related search terms

You might have noticed that whenever you search a keyword on google or other frequently used search engines, you will see related search keyword phrases or terms appear on the search results page. It is a great way to look for highly relevant keyword research and add to your list. In this way, you will be able to get more specific topics that people are searching for.

It is very simple, just type your keyword in Google and search for it. You will see all the search results and at the end of page suggestions for searches will appear. These keywords will help stimulate and trigger your idea for keyword research that you may take into consideration.

5.    Identify what keywords your competitors are ranking

It is not necessary to only work on those keywords what your competitor is working on. It is not always good to follow the track of your competitors. But if you understand what your competitor is trying to rank, it will be a good way to take your list of keyword to another level. Also, don’t forget about the keywords what your competitor has ignored. It might be a great chance for you to gain the identity of your business online.

6.    Search Google AdWords Keyword Planner to shortlist your keywords

You have a wide list of keywords and now its time to reduce the list keeping in mind some important matrices. There are lots of tools and techniques to evaluate the quantitative data for your keywords. One of them is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

With this tool, search your keyword and you will get search volume and traffic idea for your particular keyword. It was formerly known as keyword tool and when it transformed to Keyword Planner, Google removed some of its interesting functions. You can use google trends in combination with the keyword planner to get more information about your keyword.

Using keyword planner narrow down your research by removing keywords having too little search volume. But consider checking trend history on google trends before deleting any keyword. 

Now you are done

Congratulations! Now you have a complete list of effective and highly relevant keywords that will help you to focus on the right topics for your company, and get you some short-term and long-term benefits. Alternatively if you need help please email us!