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Live Stream your Event

We know events have changed. You can run your fundraising event completely online. All the main elements of your gala can now be easily viewed by your donors anywhere in the state, country or world all on one webpage while they bid.

It can also be shared on a webpage so donors can watch at other venues, donors home on their TV or device as well as on the bidding page for easy viewing.

We use the fastest streaming so you can interact with your guests as they bid on a live auction without the delay that is found on other platforms. In an auction a few seconds delay is a long time.

We have found the best tools to provide reliable and highly available video streaming that is real-time. You can run a live auction or ask from your venue and stream into your guests home. We also have lots of great ideas to help you keep those viewers engaged.

Mobile Bidding

Mobile bidding while watching a live stream of the event.

Live Auction

Bidding on live auction items hosted by your auctioneer.

Real Time Charity

Raise-the-paddle fundraising in real-time with your charity.

Auto Bid

“Floor bids” when you run a physical gala along side a virtual one.

Dry Run

“Dry Run” feature to let you test with a list of bidders before going live.


Compatible with OBS, Xsplit Broadcaster and other applications.

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